Providing Fresh Water


fresh water saves lives

We provide clean water/Wells for villages that do not have fresh water nearby with your donations. Villages report no diseases in their village after a Well goes into their area.Each village given a Well forms a committee to take care of the Well. 

Your quote and name will go on the sitting area of the Well. Saving thousands of lives is an incredible gift.

$7000 to donate a Well. You will be involved and get pictures as it is being built and finished.
Please contact us directly to discuss how you can participate in this program
Fresh Water Wells - DCTA Direct Connections to Africa - Malawi

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Other DCTA Programs To Learn About

Medical & Wellness

DCTA has sent U.S. doctors to the villages to administer eye clinics and medical training.  Medical items are shipped to help the clinic provide better services. 

Ambulance bikes are provided to remote villages through donations and grants. 


DCTA has received grants and donations to provide infrastructure for the villages.

This includes: Education Centers, Classrooms, Recreation Areas, Playgrounds, and Restrooms (Separated Male / Female Facilities).

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Fresh Water Wells - DCTA Direct Connections to Africa - Malawi

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