31 Mar, 2017

DCTA updates as of April 2017


Thank you for the amazing support! 2017 is off to a great start. IMMEDIATE NEEDS - $300 Sponsor a student who needs to leave high school because of lack of funds. - $3,000 Build a Classroom  - $5,000- Build a Well and save hundreds of lives with clean water. _______________________  If you would like to donate for [...]

1 Dec, 2016

2016 In Review… thank you!


Thank you for the amazing support! 2016 was another great year. IMMEDIATE NEEDS - $300 Sponsor a student who needs to leave high school because of lack of funds. The student will write to you monthly.  - $2,400 Sponsor a College Student in the Accounting Program  - $6,000- Build a Well and save 1000's of [...]

3 May, 2016

A great start to 2016… thank you!


Thank you for the amazing support!IMMEDIATE NEEDS- $300 a year- sponsor a student who needs to leave high school because of lack of funds. The student will write to you monthly. - Connect to a classroom and send needed supplies - $6,000- Build a Well and save 1000's of lives. - $300 for a [...]

1 Dec, 2015

Winter 2015 Update. Our 7th Year!


Thank You for making the 7th year of Direct Connections to Africa successful.IMMEDIATE NEEDS- Pre school feeding program- $250 - Computers for college students- $1000 - Well for clean water- $6000 - Be a scholarship sponsor- $300 a year- click HERE for more information - Be a teacher connection- you do not need to be a [...]

26 Apr, 2015



Thank you for making our 7th year successful.Prince is a student who DCTA sponsored in High School. He scored very high on his national exams and would like to attend a diploma program in Accounting from a well respected college in Malawi. The cost is $2000 a semester- three semesters. This includes everything. Scholarship students- I will [...]

8 Jan, 2015

My Story: Alliah Noxie Maudzu


Alliah Noxie Maudzu, a former Direct Connections to Africa Sponsored Student, shares his experience in a letter written to DCTA.  Pictured above: Alliah Noxie Maudzu.Now a bank teller at Opportunity Bank of Malawi.written by: Paul Lundu and Cecilia Mtsuko DCTA Representatives Malawi Download and print to read later (click here) In this issue of MY [...]

29 Nov, 2014

Direct Connections to Africa Holiday 2014 Newsletter


Charity is an orphan who DCTA put through High School. She did well on her National Exams and would like to go to Accounting College. The cost is $1800 for a certificate and for two more semesters, at $1800 a semester, she could earn a diploma.  If you are interested in sponsoring Charity, Click Here [...]

12 Jun, 2014

May 2014 Journey to Malawi


Direct Connections to Africa'sTop ten achievements this quarter- Thank You! 1) Trained pre school teachers and all are employed2) Received a grant from Wheels 4 life and distributed 46 bikes to the needy to start their own businesses.. Five were ambulance bikes to help the sick get to a clinic.3) Eight more students started college4) [...]

14 Oct, 2013

Direct Connections – 5 Years!!!


We are proud to announce that Direct Connection to Africa is celebrating our fifth year in Malawi Africa. We want to thank each and every person that has been part of this great project. You have helped touch so many lives! Here is just a short list of what Direct Connections has done over the [...]

22 Oct, 2012

“Young Ambassador Shines a Light on Local Charity”


In 2006, Laguna Beach resident Mary Ellen Carter joined her husband, federal Judge David Carter, on a trip to Malawi, a landlocked country about the size of Pennsylvania in southeastern Africa.  While her husband counseled the judiciary on how to avoid money laundering by terrorist organizations at the behest of the U.S. Treasury Department, she commandeered [...]

27 Feb, 2012

Interview with Linda Zuwawo. A DCTAfrica Sponsored Student


In January 2012, Paul Lundu, a DCTA Representative interviewed Linda Zuwawo. Here is a sample of the interview.Fifteen year old Linda Zuwawo is one of the new students who have qualified for DCTA sponsorship. As is the case with many students that the non profit puts on scholarship, she is from [...]

17 Oct, 2011

2011 Volunteer of the Year Announced


We are delighted to announce the 2011 volunteer of the year, Judy Jameson. Thank you Judy for your hard work and dedication. Read more about Judy Jameson by clicking "HERE"