Direct Connections to Africa’s

Top ten achievements this quarter- Thank You!

1) Trained pre school teachers and all are employed

2) Received a grant from Wheels 4 life and distributed 46 bikes to the needy to start their own businesses.. Five were ambulance bikes to help the sick get to a clinic.

3) Eight more students started college

4) Started an online medical class at our Malawi clinic through UCI Medical students.

5) Shipped over 100 boxes of needed items

6) Fifty two students are in our scholarship program helping them through high school and we added several teacher connections where a sponsor sends needed supplies to a classroom.

7) Made a loan to one of our graduates to start a successful business. He is paying the loan back.

8) Working with UC Irvine Law School on a Human Rights program for the village

9) Built a basketball court/Volleyball court at our educational center for recreation for the village.

10) Built a well for clean water in a village where many were getting sick from the water.


Please continue with your positive support- you are making a huge difference- donate click


Feeding program for pre school- 1 year- $800

Electricity for the educational center- $500

Water project- $500

Build another well- $6,000

Money for sewing machines to do a class in our educational center- $2000

Adult education teacher for one year- $700

Teacher connections- send a box a month of school supplies and change the students future- please go to “Contact Us‘ if you are interested.