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 Interview with Linda Z. – 

Click Here to read a wonderful interview with Linda Z. One of our sponsored students in Malawi.

True son of DCTA (John)

I’m in my busiest days preparing for exams which are to be written from 27 this month. After classes I go to the library and read there with some friends and get home in the evening. Your letters give me hope, I have enjoyed your last letter in which you wrote about my new life and friends college, this is very true I have got new friends in town with them I’m learning many things in urban life. I’m proudly saying that being connected to you it’s one the greatest blessings which God has done in my life. Iam highly thanking you for making me using a bed and mattress when sleeping instead of using the mat on the dust floor that’s a great promotion in me. With confidence I’m sure that one day I will fight against poverty because of your kindness. My family will never forget you. We wish you the nicest fright to our country.


Jennifer Smart

I am so thankful I am alive this year.

Many of my friends and family died of diseases last year.


Marko Banda

I am 16 years old. I am the 6th born. Unfortunately 5 of my brothers and sisters died of starvation. My mother and father died also. I am staying with m fathers youngest brother who is sick. I support everyone in the family by selling firewood. The moment I got selected to go to school I said “Oh God, who will pay my school fees?” I stayed home for 4 weeks until someone from Direct Connections to Africa told me I had a connection in America that would help me. I thanked the Lord in heaven for opening the gates of education. I am happy today to see myself in school. My future will be so much brighter.


Jenifer Kolokombe

My parents are farmers and can not afford to pay for my school fees. We are eight in the family and I am the last born, the only who has managed to continue with my education. I would have not been able to continue on without Direct Connections to Africa. I express my heartfelt thanks for making this program available.


John Sailesi

I am a boy of 16 years. I passed my primary school and was selected to attend secondary school. My parents are very poor and my father is sick. We have six children in our family. I stayed home 8 weeks because we could not afford for me to go to school and I would like to give you my warm gratitude for making my education possible through Direct Connections to Africa.


David Ismeal

I was selected to go to secondary school. My father died leaving my mother with 5 children. I am the first born. We cannot pay school fees because we are poor. The moment I learned I was selected for the Direct Connections to Africa scholarship I said to myself “Oh Lord , what did I do to have this chance to continue with my education. It was like I was dreaming when they told me that there was a scholarship going on and I was chosen to be one of the students. I shall be able to help myself and my brothers and sisters the moment I finish school.



Josophine Chisale Teacher of Grade 2

The enclosed money that you had sent me helped me buy plates and spoons for the pupils. Since our school is under a world food program, pupils are given porridge every morning. For most, this is their only meal for the day. I only have 30 plates for 136 pupils and these plates are shared with 4 pupils. With your assistance the problem is half way solved. Now they are sharing 1 plate for 2 students. Most of my students are orphans. We have overcrowded classes with little materials.

Have a wonderful day