We are proud to announce that Direct Connection to Africa is celebrating our fifth year in Malawi Africa. We want to thank each and every person that has been part of this great project. You have helped touch so many lives! Here is just a short list of what Direct Connections has done over the past 5 years. 

1) Built 2 educational centers,

2) Built an Internet Cafe,

3) Put over 100 students through High School (secondary),

4) Put 20 students through college,

5) 40 connections to teachers supplying them with educational materials,

6) Supplied training for 35 women to become preschool teachers- all are working,

7) Volunteers have taught in over 75 classes in Malawi,

8) Started a recreational program to keep students in school,

9) Have provided loans for small businesses,

10) Over 150 boxes of medical supplies were sent,

11) Supplied classes in career planning and job search,

12) Have distributed items for the following foundations.bikes from Bikes for Life and over 2000 dresses from Little Dresses from Africa, Books from 'Kids Read", soap from Marrietta Corp.



Here are some ways you can help us continue helping others…


1) Support our Educational Programs

Sponsor Scholarships

The gift of Education changes a life forever. Just $300 a year will support a student in Secondary (High) School. You receive a letter monthly from your student and will enjoy the opportunity of developing a relationship.

Mentor a Teacher/ Adopt a Classroom

You may choose to support a teacher/classroom by sending monthly supplies and suggestions. Your assistance will benefit many and the teacher you mentor will write/email you.

Sponsor Job Development

Assist a person with career training, college or developing a business. Involvement and costs will vary depending on the goals of the student you sponsor. You will receive a letter apprising you of the students progress.

2) Provide Medical Assistance

You can connect with the Medical Clinic and send necessary medical needs including baby clothes. Did you know that babies born at the clinic leave  without clothing unless we provide it for them?

3) Give a Gift of Recreation

You may send recreational items (or money for them to purchase) and games to the children of the village. Contribute to those who would otherwise not be able to share this important aspect of child development.

4) Community Cents Program

Reduce credit card fees for your business (or businesses owned by others you know) and give to your charity without incurring additional costs.

5) Host an Informational Meeting

Invite a group of your friends to hear about Direct Connections to Africa and how they can get involved and change a village. Many meetings are casual.

6) Host a Fundraiser Event

Focus on a certain project and the cost. Your invited guests will be asked to donate a certain amount to raise the money needed to accomplish a goal. We have a list of projects in need.

7) Celebrate a loved one by sending a donation card for any occasion.

8) Cash Donations are Welcome

Your cash donations will be used for projects in the village, e.g., construction of new classrooms and improvement of Medical Clinics.  Cash donations are also used for shipping donated items, the purchase of essential items we take for granted such as paper, pencils and other supplies. Your donation may also be used for job development and recreation.


Please contact us if you would like to participate in any of the above or click "Donate"

You may also send a check to: Direct Connections to Africa 1278 Glenneyre Street #47 Laguna Beach, Calif 92651