Thank you for the amazing support!
2016 was another great year.

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$300 Sponsor a student who needs to leave
high school because of lack of funds. The student will write to you monthly.

 $2,400 Sponsor a College Student in the Accounting Program 

$6,000- Build a Well and save 1000’s of lives.
We will put your name and favorite quote on the sign.


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IN 2016.


Thank You for your wonderful support.
Here are your accomplishments since May 2016.

– 17 Students started college

– 19 NEW scholarship Students

– 8 Ambulance bikes and 70 regular bikes were given out for medical and starting new businesses.

– Job Development Program has started and all college graduates are placed in their fields – 11 graduated this year.

– 2 NEW Classrooms were built in remote villages. Pre-school, adult education and medical information classes have started.

– 160 Boxes were sent with needed items.

– 3 NEW Teacher Connections started – more materials will be going to classrooms.

– Savings account and budgeting classes continue – new accounts opened.

– Eye clinic was provided in May on my visit  in the rural areas. Eye equipment was donated to the hospital. Surgery for those who needed it was preformed.

2 NEW Wells were constructed saving thousands of lives.

and much more.

Many Thanks for all your positive support 

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