Thank you for your amazing support!
Here’s some April 2018 updates


…covers the costs of a high
school student for 1 year. 

…covers one year of college for
a DCTA scholarship recipient

…is our goal for our Job Training,
Development, and Placement Program


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SO FAR FOR 2018.

1: Group Business Started
DCTA is helping high school graduates start their
own businesses in order to be successful.

2: High School
50 high school students are being sponsored in 2018, and
more will start after September! Without sponsorship,
they would need to leave school.

3: Job Placement Success
Job Placement Program continues to be successful!
Training and placement is high!

4: Reading
100 Novels Sent For Students!
Thank you Kids Read!

5: Boxes Of Goodness
100 Boxes Sent With Needed Items!

6: Bikes Are Rolling In
60 Ambulance and 40 regular bikes out next month!
Thank you “Wheels 4 Life”

7: New BasketBall Court
All buildings destroyed in a storm have been repaired. Girls look
forward to coming to school because of the restrooms provided! 
Thank You “Griswold Foundation”

8: First Movie Night
DCTA raised money for equipment so everyone in
Mangochi, Malawi could see their first movie.
They watched The Queen of Katwe!

9: Fresh Water Gives Life, Saves Life
Another Well was built to save 1000’s of lives
Thank You “T.E.M. Company”

10: Preparing For Tomorrow
Savings and budgeting training courses
continue successfully for students!

Thank you for all your wonderful help.


If you think you are too small to make a difference…
you have never slept with a mosquito.


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