Thank you for your amazing support!
2017 was another great year.

Direct Connections to Africa


…covers the costs of a high
school student for 1 year. 

…covers one year of college for
a DCTA scholarship recipient

…is our goal for our Job Training,
Development, and Placement Program


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IN 2017.

 Thank You for your wonderful support.
Here are your accomplishments for 2017.

~ 1 ~
17 students started in our High School scholarship program. 
    18 graduated from High School~all passed their
National Exams ~many will be in college next year

~ 2 ~
10 students finished college this year
10 new students entered college

~ 3 ~
Our Job Development / Job Placement Program
continues to be successful and is going strong

~ 4 ~
50 bikes and 17 ambulance bikes were given out this year
for women starting businesses and medical needs
Thank You “Wheels 4 Life

~ 5 ~
300 books sent and distributed
Thank you “Kids Read

~ 6 ~
Adult Education classes continues
strong and attracting many more

~ 7 ~
Supplied laptops for principals
of schools in rural areas

~ 8 ~
Repairs made on buildings damaged by extreme weather
Thank You “Griswold Foundation

~ 9 ~
Built 2 restrooms for schools so the females will come to school
Thank You “Griswold Foundation

~ 10 ~
One more Well completed.
This saves hundreds of lives with clean water

And Much More….


Thanks you for your continued positive support.

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